How do I use my Southwest flight voucher?

How do I use my Southwest flight voucher? 

Southwest Airlines is an Ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States, providing scheduled flight services at international and domestic destinations. They offer two types of vouchers to their customers (i.e., refund vouchers and gift vouchers). There are prescribed Southwest Flight Voucher rules that every passenger must follow. The airlines make it easy for customers to use their vouchers and quickly redeem them.

Methods to use Southwest flight voucher

Through Online Mode: When the passengers get the voucher from the airlines and don't know how to use it. Here you can see the steps to use:

  • From your registered email, search for the 13-digit voucher number.
  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and go to the booking tab of the airline.
  • Search for the flights on the page. 
  • Enter the required details and information. Proceed further, and you will find the payment info page.
  • Select the methods of payment and enter your voucher code. 
  • Choose the option of using a voucher and continue looking for the flights. 
  • Follow the instructions to book a flight.
  • You can select the flight as per the voucher amount or may choose the flight with higher prices, but you will have to pay for the remaining amount from your credit or debit card. 
  • Once the booking process is finished successfully, you will receive the confirmation email for your booked ticket at your registered email address.

Through Airport: Passengers facing difficulty using the voucher online mode. They can choose to go to the airport and get their voucher redeemed. The passenger must request a flight booking at the help desk counter. When the process is reached for payment, they need to tell the voucher code to the live representative of the customer support team of airlines. If there is any difference between the flight fare and the voucher amount, the customer must pay it and complete the flight booking process

Terms and Conditions of Southwest Flight Voucher

  • The vouchers are considered a valid form of payment concerning the airfare. The payment can proceed through mobile apps, the official website, or the airline's ticket counter.
  • Passengers must use the airline voucher before the expiration date. If the voucher is applied once for a reservation, you cannot use it again.
  • If the voucher remains unused, airlines cannot extend the validity. The unused value of the voucher will be forfeited by the airlines.
  • You cannot use the voucher amount against the payment towards the taxes imposed by the government, such as facility charges for passengers, excise tax, etc.
  • Suppose the voucher is altered, sold, purchased, and bartered by the passenger. It will be considered Void and will not be accepted by the airlines.
  • While redemption of the voucher, if there is some balance remaining. You are advised to retain the voucher number and security code. 
  • The gift voucher is non-refundable, fully transferable, and has no expiration date.


If you have further queries regarding the use of vouchers, you can communicate with the airline's trained expert customer team through email, phone number, live chat, social media handles, etc. Use the voucher before expiration, and till then, have a safe flight journey.

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