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How to troubleshot Kaspersky Anti-Virus installation problems? Get Connected With Our Professionals At Kaspersky Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number?

This blog will help you in knowing some important things you need to know before installing your antivirus. Your knowledge will help you in undergoing the installation without any hassles. Let’s have a look on top 6 points.

Is it beneficial to run the agent updater?

Kaspersky Antivirus helpline number gives affirmative reply when you ask this question. It instructs you to run the agent updater before attempting a new Kaspersky Antivirus installation. Please check, whether the Kaseya Agent is up to date or not. Visit the ‘upgrade version’ for finding the ‘update agent’. After that, you are supposed to check the box named as ‘force update even if agent is at version –’; and then you need to run it.

Removal of previously installed security solutions

Previously installed products or failed installations may invite performance problems in Kaspersky. In this regard, the new version of Kaspersky solution is designed with an appealing feature which will allow you to remove the problem creating elements. If you are looking forward to uninstall the previously installed antivirus or antiviruses, you are supposed to visit the ‘advanced options’ in your Kaspersky. Here you will find an option as ‘uninstall prior antiviruses. Hit it without any hesitation. You will have to confirm, whether the removal is complete or not. But you have to do that after the operation is done. You can do it by visiting the log “avpsetup.rpu” in C:\kworking\kav\”. 

Script timed out before verification

Kaspersky Antivirus customer care online support suggests you to check, whether the script timed out before verification or not. However, the problem comes after a failed installation. In order to do that, you will have to check the end point for the avp.exe. If you find it missing, you could troubleshoot it easily. Please run the installation file and press the repair button.

How to find the reboot option in Kaspersky Antivirus?

Is Kaspersky Antivirus asking for a reboot? If you are willing to check the answer of this question, you are supposed to visit the ‘show’ menu in your security solution. Here you will find a button ‘machine at top column sets’ which brings you in front of the ‘reboot’ option.

Is there any stuck script?

If your Kaspersky Antivirus script is gets prevented by any element, you are requested to check, whether any stuck scripts are creating problems for you or not. For doing that, you are instructed to open the ‘agent procedure’ first. Then, find out the ‘manage procedure’ option and check its status. Hence, you will be able to find out the ‘pending procedures’. It will help you to cancel the stuck agent procedures, if there is any.

How to check the credentials?

Open the ‘agent’ option for checking the credentials. Select the ‘configure agents’ button that is available on the drop down list. In order to go forward, your job is to set the ‘credentials page’ next. As per Kaspersky Antivirus technical support service number, your account automatically uses the system account for credentials as it is a default stage. 




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