How to allow or block pop-ups in Google chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser offered by Google, the tech MNC based in the USA. Like other services from Google, Chrome is also known for it efficiency and features. Google Chrome is a fast, friendly and secure web browser. It can be used in different operating systems and devices.

While using any browser the functionality of pop-ups are very

Tuesday 8th January 2019

How to fix Canon Printer Not Printing

Canon is one of the most famous brands in digital printing solution. Canon is a Japanese company offers all kind of printers and has a huge number of loyal customer base. Canon printers are used by all kind of users for both personal and business usage. Printers are important tool in our every day work and it affects our

Wednesday 9th January 2019

How To Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Windows 10

Google Chrome is a popular web browser and millions are using it for browsing purpose on their devices like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. on daily basis. Google chrome is a service of Google which is a world known name. Google chrome is very useful and people find it quite easy to use also. With Google Chrome you can do many

Thursday 17th January 2019