How To Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Windows 10

Google Chrome is a popular web browser and millions are using it for browsing purpose on their devices like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. on daily basis. Google chrome is a service of Google which is a world known name. Google chrome is very useful and people find it quite easy to use also. With Google Chrome you can do many things like browsing data, search for information, read the news, browse calendars, browse your emails, open millions of websites on which you can do anything of your choice like video watching, playing games, write blogs etc. Google chrome is a browser which gives you the platform to get into the internet world. The Internet cannot be accessed on devices like laptop and desktop without a browser like Google Chrome.

Google chrome is very easy to use. On your mobile, laptop and tablet you may have chrome already installed or you can install it and use it easily. Google chrome is very safe to use as well. All your data, login and other information remain safe in Google Chrome. Though you can use Google Chrome on any operating system like windows, safari, and others yet if you are using Google Chrome on Windows 10 then you can easily use it. However, sometime you may face issues with Google Chrome browser on your operating systems. In that situation, if you know how to resolve the issue then you can do it easily but if you don’t know it then you can ask for support from your tech friends and colleagues.

Fix Google Chrome Stopped Working on Windows 10 Issue:

So, what if you are using Google chrome on windows 10 and you find suddenly that it stops working. How to fix Google chrome has stopped working windows 10? Well, you can ask for support locally and if you are not able to solve it there then we are providing you the solution here. If Google chrome has stopped working on windows 10 then you can reset your Google chrome to its fresh installed state and your problem will be fixed of Google chrome stopped working on windows 10. You can reset the browser by following below steps:

  • First open Menu.
  • After that go to Settings->advanced settings.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the window and at the bottom you find out the button “Reset browser settings”. When you click it, it will restore your chrome to the initial stage.
  • After that, you can sign in to Google Chrome with your Google account.
  • Then you can check the Google Chrome browser and see whether the issue Google chrome not working persist of it has been solved.

Apart from this if you have upgraded your windows to windows 10 and then you see that your Google Chrome stopped working on upgraded windows version then you can fix this issue and for that you can simply type Chrome://flags into the Google Chrome browser address bar and change the "Enable Touch Events" setting from "Automatic" to "Enabled".

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