How to cancel my match com subscription?

Match com is the online dating platform that is the best dating app that conveniently connects users with other match users. This app is working with its official site on the Google search engine & it serves over 50 countries in twelve different languages. Its headquarter is situated in Dallas, Texas. But with this match com site, there are possibilities when the user might find it challenging to get accurate results. 

Then in that scenario, you should always know about the reasons or the circumstances in which cancel my match com subscription will be beneficial for your help. So to know why users generally cancel their subscription at Match com, then mentioned below are some reference points that you should go through for guidance.

Reasons for Match com Subscription cancellation

  •  First & foremost reason for canceling of subscription is when the user is not getting the results according to their preferences
  •  Another reason can be when the user is getting fake profiles in searches 
  •  Or it can be like the subscription prices are quite expensive for the user
  •  Lastly, it can be an issue where the Match com application is not compatible with the mobile interface.

However, after you know all about the common reasons, you easily get to cancel your Match com subscription. So, now for more guidance, you will learn about cancel my match com subscription procedure; here are the reference points for your guidance.

The process to Cancel Match com Subscription

  •  First off, you need to open your PC & then therein enter your requirement for Match com official site 
  •  After that, you will click on the search tab & you will get results on the screen
  •  Now, within the website, first of all, you need to login to your account by using correct credentials like username/id & password & move forward
  •  After this, you will have to select the gear option from the settings tab that is present on the website’s homepage
  •  Next therein select the manage my account option 
  •  Next there you will get the full details of your account & there on the screen, you also get renew or cancel subscription options
  •  After that, you will have to click on the cancel subscription option 
  •  Next on-screen, you will get a new page wherein you will have to enter your username & other details like (phone number & subscription plan information) which are mandatory
  • After this, you need to select the box wherein you will have to describe the issue because of which are going to cancel your subscription
  •  The cancellation reason must be mentioned within 1000 characters & then you will have to submit the cancellation form & it will take around 24 hours to get processed 
  •  In the end, you will receive an email & text message regarding Match subscription canceling. 

Therefore, by these above-given steps, the user will quite smoothly learn & effectively use the Match com subscription cancellation without any trouble & you can simultaneously apply for refunds for a canceled subscription. 

However, if you are not getting to know how the subscription cancellation process works & how to apply for the refunds. Then, in that case, you must go to the website page & visit the contact section wherein you will find the live chat, email, or helpline number option through which you can connect directly with an expert of Match com for your assistance & help over cancel my match com subscription or in other essential queries of users with Match com.