How to allow or block pop-ups in Google chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser offered by Google, the tech MNC based in the USA. Like other services from Google, Chrome is also known for it efficiency and features. Google Chrome is a fast, friendly and secure web browser. It can be used in different operating systems and devices.

While using any browser the functionality of pop-ups are very important. It is like necessary evil as we may need to use it sometime and sometimes it creates technical issues in the browser. Therefore we may require to allow and block pop-up according to our requirement. So you may want to know how to allow or block pop-ups in Google Chrome. Well by default Google Chrome block pop-ups from automatically displaying any window. However, we can easily allow or block it in Google Chrome according to our preference. or if you are not able to do that you can also talk to Google Chrome Customer Service and get rid of this issue.

How to enable Pop-ups in Google Chrome:

If you want to change the default pop-up status in Google Chrome and want to know how to enable pop-ups in Google Chrome, you can follow the following steps

  • Open your computer and launch Google Chrome
  • On the top right, click on the Settings
  • Now go to Advanced at the bottom
  • Click Content settings under Privacy and Security settings
  • Now click on Pop-ups and redirects
  • Now turn the settings allowed

In case of any issue for how to enable pop-ups in Google Chrome, you must take support from Google customer service

How to disable pop-ups in Google Chrome:

Like enabling pop-ups, you shall know how to disable pop-ups in Google Chrome. Well you can follow the below steps

  • On your computer launch Chrome
  • Now click on the Settings on top right
  • Click on Advanced
  • Under Privacy and Security settings, click Content settings     
  • Then click Pop-ups and redirect
  • You will see the pop-ups setting is enabled, click to disable it.


Ava Johnson

Thank You for the Article, I was Getting irritated Because when I use Google Chrome It always Shows Pop-ups and Slows Down my Google Chrome Page.